George Theocharous

Lighting Designer
A good lighting design does not need any certifications because its an energy saving by itself.

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Master in Architecture
IUAV Venice Italy
Master in Lighting Design
Sapienza Rome Italy
Doctorate in Architectural Lighting design
Middlesex UK

Greek, Italian, English

“Under the clock” Introduction to the Colonial Architecture of Cyprus.
Bank of Cyprus publications, Nicosia 1996.
“Enhancing the tourist industry through light”.
Lambert Academic Publishing, Berlin 2013.
Past experience: 1989-2004  Architect
2004-2014  Freelance lighting designer and educator

Design of a luminary. Nicosia University. Department of Architecture. 2012.

Other Activities:
Cycling, painting.

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Architectural Lighting Design


Energy Saving Services

Saving energy in times of economic crisis is primary. Reducing CO2 emissions is beneficial for our planet

Colour Design

Various tools are used for a successful colour design of a building. The use of the colour wheel and the samples of NCS (Natural Colour System) among them

Taylor Made Lighting Design


Benefits of Good Lighting

New studies show the quality of light affects people in many different ways. For example, office worker satisfaction and productivity can me positively affected by well-desighed illumination.
Building owners and managers have the potential to add value, reduce costs and enhance performance through the application of good lighting. It's no secret that people are attracted to well-lighted public facilities, commercial shopping districts and parks.
Good lighting enhances the mood and desirability of these spaces. It contributes greatly to people's sense of well-being. Many of the current efforts to attract people to downtown areas after dark are being spearheaded by IALD lighting designers.
Through cost-control techniques, IALD lighting designers help clients realize improved energy efficiency and reduce lighting costs. The initial investment in a professional lighting designers is offset by a reduction of construction and operating costs.
An IALD lighting designer will add value to any project, whether large or small, interior or exterior, public or private.

Why Use a Lighting Designer?

Revealing from in light.
There is no substitute for an IALD member's level of experience and professionalism.
IALD professional lighting designers dedicate their careers exclusively to the art and science of lighting. There is no substitute for their level of expertise and professionalism.
With an IALD member on the team, architects, interior designers, builders and owners will see their vision realized. A professional lighting designer:
  • Meets the needs of the people who use the space.
  • Selects cost-effective and energy -efficient products most appropriate for the project.
  • Creates an innovative lighting solution that achieves the perfect balance of function and aesthetics.
  • Solves the unique lighting challenges of a wide range of interior and exterior environments.
  • Strengthens and enhances any space through creative, yet functional, lighting plans.
Lighting designers are tremendous resource for innovative, practical and economically viable lighting solutions. They understand the role of lighting in architecture and interior design and rely on their extensive experience and knowledge of lighting equipment and systems to enhance and strengthen design.


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